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Gartrand Company Limited.

On 2nd day of March, 2006, Gartrand Company limited was legally registered under the Company’s Code 1963, Act 179 by the chief executive officer and founder, Mr. Betrand Gard Brown. As a young and energetic entrepreneur by then, he was a sole proprietor and the only worker, using his intellectual knowledge and skills in the fields of Hospitality Management and Retail Trade, he strived to create links, built and managed the company up to date.

He has business partners in all the continents of the world. He has been in United States of America, Thailand, Singapore, China, Serbia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Australia, etc.,just to mention a few. Through his travelling he has promoted the company and formed many strong alliances with great business prospects. Gartrand Company limited looks forward to opening its wings widely further across the world through business and humanitarian activities.

Gartrand Company limited has investors and partners in Turkey, Albania, Thailand, and Cyprus

Sister company in US, EQUIPTER COM. LTD.

Humanitarian activities with Mission International, Trinidad and Tobago and Gospel Express in US.

Branches in Cyprus, Trinidad and Tobago is in the making.

Gartrand Company Limited also owns a Subsidiary company ,Gartrand Football Club which is a third division football club.


To provide timely, cost effective, innovative, solutions for clients and harness the synergy to form lasting relationship for future growth.


We strive to build effective and profitable long term relations


Import and Export 100%
Recruitment Services 100%
Tour Operations 100%
Football Management 100%
General goods trading100%
Estate development100%